LIVESTREAM Master Workshops:
Amazing Presenters Aren’t Lucky; They’re Trained.

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For Whom are LIVE Master Workshops Designed?

  • ​Corporate Presenters who want to be unforgettable
  • ​Entrepreneurs who want to increase their influence
  • Professional speakers who want to stand out & get more bookings
  • ​Authors who want to build a business & sell more books
  • ​Emerging speakers who want to become world-class, quickly
  • ​Coaches who want to build their business through speaking


How It Works

1. Pick Your

How It Works

2. Experience a World-Class Proven Process

How It Works

3. Get Career-Changing Breakthroughs

Ever notice most presenters take the stage while others own it? What's the difference? One word: TRAINING.

2 or 3 Days + 2 World-Class Coaches =Your Personal Transformation

5 Critical Ways STU Master Workshops are Unique:
  • Learn direct from World Champion Coaches: Get insights from the BEST in the world
  • Transform your skills in just 2 or 3 days. (Don’t waste time!)
  • Our workshops evolve with industry changes. (Our faculty are industry experts)
  • We make learning World-Class techniques fun: Who wants boring training?
  • ​+ FREE BONUS: Get 1-Year access to recordings of the workshop you attend. (Value $497)

If you are not learning world-class techniques, what could you be missing?

We’ve helped more than 1,100 presenters from 46 counties get breakthroughs.
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"Drop In" IMPROV Workshop

“Drop In” IMPROV Workshop Friday
Jan. 21st, 2022 5PM Pacific
90-Minute Virtual Session

Faculty: Mike Davis & Kevin Burke

Get Coached to Speak: November 3-5, 2021

Get Coached to Speak
Feb. 2/3/4
3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Darren LaCroix CSP, AS & WCPS & Mark Brown, CSP & WCPS

March 17th, 2022

Member-Only Summit
March 17th, 2022
1-Day Member-Only Event

Faculty: Ford Saeks, Kevin Burke, Darren LaCroix, Ed Tate & Mark Brown

Game Changers!
March 18 & 19th, 2022
2-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Ford Saeks, Kevin Burke, Darren LaCroix, Ed Tate & Mark Brown

Mastering Virtual Presentations

Mastering Virtual Presentations
April. 6/7/8, 2022
3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Ed Tate, CSP, WCPS, Mark Brown, CSP, WCPS & Darren LaCroix

Unforgettable Presentations: November 10-12, 2021

Unforgettable Presentations
May 11/12/13, 2022
3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Mark Brown, CSP, WCPS, and Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS, WCPS

Better Stories, Better Business September 2021

Better Stories, Better Business
May 25/26/27, 2022
3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Darren LaCroix CSP, AS & WCPS & Mark Brown, CSP & WCPS

June 9/10/11, 2022
Virtual – Only 8 Seats! 3-Day INTENSIVE

Faculty: Ford Saeks, CSP, CPAE, Jennifer Joseph-Lier, and Darren LaCroix, CSP

Humor Boot Camp: February 23-25, 2022

Humor Boot Camp©
June 22/23/24, 2022
3-Day Virtual Workshop

Faculty: Kevin Burke, Stephanie McHugh, Darren LaCroix CSP, AS, WCPS


You can still get access to the replays
2021 Game Changer

2021 Game Changers

Faculty: Antonucci / Joseph-Lier / Brown / Saeks / Burke / LaCroix / Tate / Sherman

Mastering Virtual Presentations Event Replays

Virtual Presentations Workshop

Faculty: Tate / Brown / LaCroix

Build Your Brand Event Replay

Launch Your Own Podcast

Faculty: Andrews / Darren LaCroix / Fortune Stott

Sermons That Stick!

Sermons That Stick!

Faculty: LaCroix / Brown / Antonucci

Unforgettable Presentations

Unforgettable Presentations

Faculty: LaCroix / Brown

Better Stories, Better Business

Faculty: Hauge / LaCroix

Video Marketing Made Simple

Video Marketing Made Simple

Faculty: Andrews / LaCroix

Humor Boot Camp

Humor Boot Camp®

Faculty: Burke / McHugh / LaCroix

Get Coached to Speak

Get Coached to Speak

Faculty: Brown / LaCroix

Your Book! Write it Right Now

Your Book!
Write it Right Now

Faculty: Zappala / Green / LaCroix

Mastering Back-of-the-Room Sales

Mastering Back-of-the-Room Sales

Faculty: Valentine / LaCroix

Game Changer REPLAYS

2020 Game Changers

Faculty: Eaton / Joseph-Lier / Brown / Saeks / Burke / LaCroix / Tate / Sherman

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