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Need world-class insight? Often when creating a presentation, we need to talk it through with someone who is qualified to help. Everyone can give you feedback, but few are qualified to coach. Listening to bad advice can be worse than no advice as all. We have qualified coaches who have experience working with presenters just like you. They are trained to help you transform quickly. They will help you achieve the outcome you want from a particular presentation.

Looking for a breakthrough in your skill set?

Most presenters are not aware of their specific strengths or challenges. The mistakes they make in one presentation are the same mistakes they make over and over again. This just reinforces bad habits. World-class coaches will help you identify and capitalize on your strengths. They will also help you dramatically overcome your challenges. There is no replacement for a personal presentation coach.

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Meet the One-on-One Stage Time University Coaches:

Ford Saeks, CSP


Specialty:  Monetizing Your Expertise Through Multiple Streams of Income


Ford Saeks has redefined the formula for business success. His efforts have helped companies generate a total of over a billion dollars in sales worldwide. From start-ups to Fortune 500’s, Saeks is widely recognized as a Business Growth Innovator. With over 20 years’ experience (ranging from retail to wholesale), he has founded over ten companies, authored four books, awarded three U.S. patents, and received numerous industry awards.

Ford is a founding member of NSA’s Million Dollar Speakers Group, he runs his own 7-figure speaking business, and has helped many well-known professional speakers, past presidents, CSP’s, CPAE’s, authors and consultants grow their businesses too.  He’s one of only 20 people in the Speakers Roundtable and co-presenter for Stagetime’s Multiple Streams of Income Events.

Tenacity and innovation are what fuels this revenue-generating powerhouse. From grassroots to Google, Ford provides his clients with fresh perspectives and doable tactics to resolve marketing, operations, and growth challenges. As President and CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Inc., an integrated marketing services firm, Ford specializes in helping businesses attract loyal and repeat customers, monetize social media, and ignite creativity.

1 Session (Business Acceleration)
60 minutes: $497



Mark Brown
1995 World Champion of Public Speaking

Specialty: Script Development, Storytelling, Platform Technique


Nationally acclaimed speaker Mark Brown is the 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking. He defeated more than 20,000 other contestants from 14 countries in a grueling six-month-long competition sponsored by Toastmasters International, the largest public speaking organization in the world. He has dedicated his career to delivering uplifting messages to people all over the world. With his tell it like it is approach, he challenges some of the most serious issues facing schools today. He uses a unique combination of humor and poignancy to reach the most diverse audiences, and he is committed to inspiring people from all walks of life.

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Brown immigrated to the United States at 18 with $40 in his pocket and a dream of a better life. He never imagined he would devote his life to helping others. He spent 15 years working in the banking and direct marketing industries as a computer analyst before choosing to develop his public speaking skills. After recovering from a life-threatening illness in the summer of 1993, he made a commitment to excel as a communicator. His commitment earned him a 1995 Harlem YMCA Black Achievers in Industry Award. His efforts were further rewarded when he became Toastmasters International's 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Brown, a member of the National Speakers Association, is also the recipient of a 1996 Music Service Award from the National Association of Negro Musicians. He has been the subject of articles in several publications, including the San Diego Union-Tribune and The New York Times. He has also been featured in print and broadcast media in Hong Kong, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. In 1999, The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nominated his presentation in the Maine PBS television special “Words Count with Mark Brown” for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Educational/Instructional Program.

Brown makes over 200 presentations each year at conferences, school assemblies, symposiums, conventions, and corporate meetings, and he is in high demand by adult and youth audiences throughout North America.

Mark Brown’s purpose is threefold: to touch your head and make you think; to touch your heart and make you feel; to touch your hands and make you act.

1 Session (Assessment)
45-60 minutes: $300


3 Session (Presentation Coaching)
45-60-minute sessions: $797


6 Session (Presentation Coaching)
45-60-minute sessions: $1497



Michael Davis
Certified World-Class Speech Coach
Author of The Book on Storytelling

Specialty: TED X Coaching, Business Storytelling, Speech Delivery


When asked how he earned the moniker ‘the Storytelling MD,’ Michael Davis replies, “Although I greatly admire the work doctors do to earn their MD, I took a different route. I didn’t go to school for 8, 10 or 12 years. I’ve intensely studied public speaking and storytelling skills since 2001.  Also, I was born with the initials MD.  Combine the two, and you get ‘The Storytelling MD’.”

Michael’s journey to becoming a speech coach began when he was a financial planner. He was given the task of presenting financial seminars - which were poorly delivered. He was given an ultimatum – “Become a better speaker…. or ELSE!!”

Because of that threat, he joined Toastmasters International in 1994. There he quickly discovered a passion for the art of public speaking. He learned that crafting and delivering impactful presentations is a learnable, repeatable skill.

In the years that followed, he became a voracious student of public speaking and storytelling.

In 2011, Michael earned the designation Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

To keep abreast of new ideas from the speaking world, he works closely with World Champion and Hall of Fame speakers. He also studies the work of Hollywood screenwriters and professional comics to expand his knowledge of presentation skills. Because of his dedication to the craft, Michael is sought by speakers all over the world.

He is a contributing author to three public speaking books, and is the author of ‘THE Book on Storytelling’ and the Kindle book series ‘Sell More With Stories.’ He has been featured on podcasts like: ‘The Business of Story,’ ‘Speaker Match Radio,’ and ‘ Speaking of Wealth.’

Michael also works closely with speakers in the Ted X Cincinnati event, and has successfully coached several speakers in Toastmasters annual International World Championship of Public Speaking competition.

Michael is a candidate member of the National Speakers Association (Kentucky Chapter) and a member of Toastmasters International.

Program 1
1-Session (Assessment & Adopting Rock Star Speaking mindset): $300


Program 2
3-Sessions (Presentation Skills Coaching)
All elements of Program 1 + How to Capture and Keep Audience Attention With Meaningful Messages + Stories): $797


Program 3
6-Sessions (Advanced Presentation Skills Coaching)
All elements of program 2 + How to Grab Audience Attention With Your First Words + Conclude With a Rousing Call To Action + Create a Memorable Experience With Your Dynamic Delivery): $1497



Jennifer Leone
Australia's First Certified World-Class Speech Coach
Co-author of World Class Speaking in Action

Specialty: Finding & Developing Your Signature Story


Jennifer is Director of TALK TRAINERS. As the “Speaker’s Coach,” her clients vary from CEOs to sales people, medical and legal teams to small business owners, and even the clergy. Jennifer’s talent and niche is her ability to turn your story, a rages-to-riches one or a tragedy-to triumph-one, into a masterpiece. And finding your message and the true meaning is what she does best and what she is known for in the industry.

Whether it is one-on-one coaching, her workshops, or Skype coaching, Jennifer can produce the same result every time. Her one-on-one coaching is big; your takeaway results are huge!

This is what clients say:

“I was asked to do a Veterans Day speech. I wanted a unique approach that would grab and hold the audience’s attention. Through Jennifer’s coaching, I was able to create a speech unlike any they had ever experienced. The audience was glued to the edge of their seats, not because I am a great speaker but because Jennifer was able to help me find the WHY behind my passion for the men and women serving in the United States Military.”  Daniel Matthews, USA

“Jennifer is a storytelling doyenne. I have attended a master class session with Jennifer, and I know from personal experience that she has a special ability to locate the heart of the story in any presentation and show how best it might be brought to life.” Roger A Lewis, New Zealand

“My students really enjoyed your Skype session on ‘Storytelling and Finding the Why and How.’ There were so many gems; you made an excellent impression.”   William Reed, Japan

“It was such a massive transformation for me, Jennifer. EVERYTHING you taught me as a coach came out in me on stage. All those hours of coaching were the best investment. Years later it all comes to me, and I am using everything you taught me.  Libby Lombardo, Sydney, Australia

If you are in search of a speech coach who can help and guide you to find the REAL message of your story, help you find your purpose in telling your story, and then help you learn the best way to deliver it, consider the Speaker’s Coach,” Jennifer Leone, Director of TALK TRAINERS.

1 Session (Assessment)
45-60 minutes: $300


3 Session (Presentation Coaching)
45-60-minute sessions: $797


6 Session (Presentation Coaching)
45-60-minute sessions: $1497


Mohammed Qahtani
2015 World Champion of Public Speaking

Specialty: Humor


A very shy child, Mohammed Qahtani uttered his first word at the age of six and suffered from a severe stuttering problem throughout his life, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his high dream. He started taking the stage in high school as a way to cure his stuttering, and from that time he was hooked. During his college days, he performed in standup comedy clubs around the Phoenix area before joining Toastmasters.

Born and raised in Abha- Saudi Arabia, Mohammed now works as a software engineer for a large oil company, but his passion is public speaking, spreading a positive message, and entertaining the audience.

Mohammed joined Toastmasters in 2009 in Dhahran Saudi Arabia, and since then he has achieved many significant goals:

  • Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award recipient
  • Toastmasters International Advanced Bronze, Silver, and Gold recipient
  • Toastmasters International Advanced Leadership Bronze recipient
  • Club President three terms (2011,2013,2015)
  • Winner of Club Humorous Speech contest (2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015)
  • Winner of Division Humorous Speech contest (2011,2012,2014,2015)
  • District Champion in Humorous Speech contest 2015
  • World Champion of Public Speaking 2015
  • Conducted more than 65 workshops in 16 countries in 2015

Mohammed stunned the speaking world with his winning speech, “The Power of Words,” which earned him the title of World Champion of Public Speaking. Since then he was been traveling the world giving keynotes, workshops, and executive training. Mohammed focuses on entertaining the audience while delivering a meaningful message. His speaking philosophy can be summed up with these words: “Give the audience what they need, not what they want.”

1 Session (Assessment)
45-60 minutes: $300


3 Session (Presentation Coaching)
45-60-minute sessions: $797


6 Session (Presentation Coaching)
45-60-minute sessions: $1497




Kevin Burke
Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year

Specialty: Find your authentic voice, and make a deep emotional connection with your audience.


Speakers who change the world forge a deep emotional connection between their script and their audience. They do it using specific, repeatable techniques which access authenticity and truth within themselves as they speak. These techniques are not difficult to learn. Let Kevin help you master them, and take your speaking to change-the-world levels by finding your authentic voice. Learn how to leverage that for greater impact on your audiences.

Here are Mark Stiving's thoughts about working with Kevin...

"As a full time trainer and DTM, I thought I was a good speaker. I hired Kevin to help me add some humor to my classes. What happened, though, was beyond expectations. He did help with humor, but the amazing impact came from the way Kevin found my authentic voice and taught me to use it. This one (big) change creates a much stronger connection with every class. The goal in my classes is to create higher performing business people. Kevin helped me be more effective achieving it."  ~Mark Stiving,

Kevin will also help you add humor to your speech through coaching or writing additional humor for you. As the star of the Broadway comedy Defending the Caveman, Kevin has been responsible for writing script updates over his 15-year association with the show. He's written two additional comedy plays of his own, as well as a play for BBC Radio. Kevin also won the $10,000 grand prize on ABC-TV's America's Funniest People. He has appeared on Oprah, CBS Morning News from New York, and NPR's Talk of the Nation.

1 Session (Script Assessment - Humor Tweaking; Connecting with Your Most Authentic Performance)
45-60 minutes: $300


3 Sessions (In-Depth Performance/Script Analysis and Polishing; Deep Authenticity; Humor Writing Development)
45-60-minute sessions: $797


6 Sessions (OVERHAUL! Script/Humor Writing Sessions; Complete Performance Direction)
45-60-minute sessions: $1497


Michael Hauge
Best Selling Author and Story Expert

Specialty: Story Coaching


MICHAEL HAUGE is a script consultant, story expert, author and lecturer who works with writers, filmmakers, marketers, business leaders, attorneys and public speakers, both in Hollywood and around the world. He has consulted on projects starring Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon, and for Overbrook Entertainment, where he consulted on the scripts for (among many others) I AM LEGEND, HANCOCK, THE KARATE KID, SUICIDE SQUAD and COLLATERAL BEAUTY, which is scheduled release this Christmas.

Michael is the best selling author of Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds: The Guaranteed Way to Get Your Screenplay or Novel Read, as well as the 20th Anniversary Edition of his classic book Writing Screenplays That Sell.

Michael has presented seminars, lectures and keynotes in person and online to more than 70,000 participants worldwide. According to Will Smith, “No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.”

1 Session (Single Story Assessment)
45-60 minutes: $300


3 Sessions (Develop and Polish 1-2 Stories)
45-60-minute sessions: $797


6 Sessions (Presentation Coaching - up to 3 Stories)
45-60-minute sessions: $1497


Sheryl Green
Book Writing Coaching

Specialty: Writing


You keep hearing that you should write a book to establish your credibility and position yourself as an expert in the field... you just haven't gotten around to it yet.

You need a book coach.

Sheryl Green is a book coach, content writer, and author of ‘Surviving to Thriving: How to Overcome Setbacks and Rock Your Life’. She works with entrepreneurs that are looking to further their brand, enhance their visibility, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Working with a book coach will help you:

  • Identify your reason for writing a book
  • Establish your goals for the project
  • Pinpoint your message
  • Identify your audience
  • Understand the differences between self publishing and traditional publishing and decide which one is right for you
  • Organize your thoughts and create a workable outline
  • Find your own unique voice
  • Create a system to take action and stay motivated
  • Address any blocks (writing or otherwise) that are getting in the way
  • Have accountability for your project

Forbes calls writing a book "The ultimate ticket to establishing yourself as an authority. Authors are perceived as instant subject matter experts, which can attract media attention, dazzle clients and prospects, create opportunities for speaking engagements, and so much more."

1 Session (Planning Session)
60-90 minutes: $300


3 Sessions (Writing Coaching)
45-60 minute sessions: $700


6 Sessions (Writing Coaching)
45-60 minute sessions: $1200


What can you expect?

As soon as you choose your package, you will get a confirmation email. You will also receive a coaching questionnaire to fill out so that you and your coach can get clear on your goals. This will help you focus so that you can get the most out of your session. Your coach will reach out to you within 48 hours to set a time and date for your first coaching session.