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Looking for help with a particular presentation?
Need world-class insight? Often when creating a presentation, we need to talk it through with someone who is qualified to help. Everyone can give you feedback, but few are qualified to coach. Listening to bad advice can be worse than no advice as all. We have qualified coaches who have experience working with presenters just like you. They are trained to help you transform quickly. They will help you achieve the outcome you want from a particular presentation.

Looking for a breakthrough in your skill set?
Most presenters are not aware of their specific strengths or challenges. The mistakes they make in one presentation are the same mistakes they make over and over again. This just reinforces bad habits. World-class coaches will help you identify and capitalize on your strengths. They will also help you dramatically overcome your challenges. There is no replacement for a personal presentation coach.

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Get a Coach
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Meet the One-on-One Stage Time University Coaches:

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Ford Saeks

Business Coach

Specialty: Monetizing Your Expertise Through Multiple Streams of Income

  • 1 Session (Business Acceleration). 60 minutes: $497 BUY NOW
Mark Brown

1995 World Champion of Public Speaking

Specialty: Script Development, Storytelling, Platform Technique

  • 1 Session 45-60 minutes: $500  BUY NOW
Michael Hauge

Best Selling Author and Story Expert

Specialty: Story Coaching

  • 2 Sessions of one-on-one coaching, Guidance for employing Michael’s 6-Step Success Story™ process, Recordings of your coaching session, A copy of Michael’s best-selling book “Storytelling Made Easy”: 45 minute sessions: $475 BUY NOW
Jennifer Leone

Australia’s First Certified World-Class Speech Coach & Co-author of World Class Speaking in Action

Specialty: Finding & Developing Your Signature Story

  • 1 Session (Assessment) 45-60 minutes: $300 BUY NOW
  • 3 Session (Presentation Coaching) 45-60-minute sessions: $797 BUY NOW
  • 6 Session (Presentation Coaching) 45-60-minute sessions: $1497 BUY NOW
Kevin Burke

Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year

Specialty: Find your authentic voice, and make a deep emotional connection with your audience.

  • 1 Session (Script Assessment – Humor Tweaking; Connecting with Your Most Authentic Performance) 45-60 minutes: $300 BUY NOW
  • 3 Sessions (In-Depth Performance/Script Analysis and Polishing; Deep Authenticity; Humor Writing Development) 45-60-minute sessions: $797 BUY NOW
  • 6 Sessions (OVERHAUL! Script/Humor Writing Sessions; Complete Performance Direction) 45-60-minute sessions: $1497 BUY NOW
Mike Davis

Certified World-Class Speech Coach & Author of The Book on Storytelling

Specialty: Business Storytelling, Speech Delivery, TED X Coaching

  • Program 1: 1-Session (Accelerate Your Speaking Confidence and Impact): $497  BUY NOW
  • Program 2: 4-Sessions (High Impact Presentations Skills Coaching) Discover the tools that enable you to speak with more confidence, create greater impact and influence every time you speak, and use speaking to become better known, create more opportunities, advance you business or career faster, and earn more money: $2100  BUY NOW
Sheryl Green

Book Writing Coaching

Specialty: Writing

  • 1 Session (Planning Session) 60-90 minutes: $300 BUY NOW
  • 3 Sessions (Writing Coaching) 45-60 minute sessions: $700 BUY NOW
  • 6 Sessions (Writing Coaching) 45-60 minute sessions: $1200 BUY NOW
Stephanie McHugh

Humor Coach and over 16 years as a Stand Up Comedian

Specialty: Humor, Stage Presence

  • Program 1: 1-Session (Assessment and Coaching) $300 BUY NOW
  • Program 2: 3-Sessions (Coaching) $700 BUY NOW
  • Program 3: 6-Sessions (Coaching) $1200 BUY NOW
Maureen Zappala

Professional Speaker, Past finalist in World Championship of Public Speaking, Author of Great Speakers are Not Born. They’re Built

Specialty: Presentation structure; Delivery techniques; Toastmaster contest speeches

  • 1 Session (60 minutes) $297 BUY NOW
  • 3 Sessions (60 minutes ea.) $797 BUY NOW
  • 6 Sessions (60 minutes ea.) $1497 BUY NOW


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