Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any assistance, please click here to contact Darren's office.

We will respond to your request within 24 business hours. Please note that response time will be delayed if we are conducting a live 2-3 day event. 

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    How Do I Enroll?

    You can enroll in just four quick steps. Step 1 – from, review the different membership levels by selecting either Present Like a Pro or Build Your Business Step 2 – Click Details About Membership. Step 3 – Enter your credit card information. Step 4 – Once your payment information has been processed, you will be prompted to create a username and password. That’s it! Once your enrollment is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with all of your member information.

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    Which Level is Right for Me?

    Stage Time University is designed to grow with you no matter where you are in your speaking career. Our Business Mastery Membership is our most popular program as it gives you instant access to all of Darren’s programs. If you are just starting out, our Presentation Mastery Membership may be right for you. If you are planning to come to our live events, our Platinum Membership may be best as you receive a complimentary registration to ALL of our live events for as long as you are a member. You can upgrade at any time. If you are still unsure which level is right for you, email us at and we will happily work with you to find the right fit.

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    How Do I Log In?

    There are two ways to log into your account. 1 – from, click the Login button. You will be prompted to enter the username and password you created when you enrolled. 2 – bookmark and enter your login credentials to access the course materials.

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    Help! I Forgot My Username And/Or Password!

    Email and we will help you access your account.

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    What Do I Get Access to When I Join?

    As soon as you create your account, you will have immediate access to the programs you’ve signed up for (see below for specifics). All programs include both video and audio versions. Prefer to listen in your car? No problem, you can download all of the MP3s to your playlist and listen any time that works for you!
    Presentation Mastery members have instant access to: all of our Presentation Mastery programs, weekly update videos from Darren, weekly Core Calls, and 10% off all of our live events. Business Mastery members have instant access to: all of our Presentation Mastery and Business Mastery programs, weekly update videos from Darren, weekly Core Calls and twice a month Business Coaching call with Ford Seeks and Darren LaCroix, and 25% off all of our live events. Platinum members have instant access to: everything noted above, 100% off all of our live events, and the opportunity to connect live with Darren on your monthly Platinum Member-Only Call.

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    How Long Am I Required to Be a Member?

    All new members require a 3-month minimum commitment. We understand that things arise from time-to-time, and you are welcome to rejoin at any time.

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    Why Should I Retain My Membership After the 3-Month Timeframe?

    Even if you have the best speaker presenting the best materials to a fully engaged audience, research shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten approximately 50% of the information that was presented to them. Within 24 hours, they will have forgotten nearly 70% of new information and within one week, it drops to 90%
    By retaining your membership, you are continuously reinforcing your investment in yourself by having the content available whenever you need it for immediate reference. While it’s certainly true that you could save money by cancelling after you have viewed the materials, within a relatively short time, you will have lost a great deal of what you have learned if you aren’t actively applying it.
    Here are just some reasons it pays to retain your membership:
    As a member, you receive instant access to any new program we create for as long as you remain a member. Presentation Mastery Members will receive immediate access to the Presentation Mastery Programs. Business Mastery and Platinum Members will receive access to any program we create.
    Our community is full of members in various stages of their speaking careers. There is no other community like it. Be sure to join the Facebook group and engage with other members there. We are developing a Forum to offer another place to connect.
    Master and Platinum members have access to our exclusive members-only monthly calls. On our Coaching Corner calls, two members receive live coaching from two university coaches. On our Ask the Expert calls, Darren interviews leading experts live. Members can submit videos of their speeches to the Member-to-Member Feedback area for feedback from our coaches and members.

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    How can I get the most out of Stage Time University?

    Be active – in the Facebook group, the Member-to-Member Feedback area, and weekly coaching calls. We recommend that you go through each program at least 3 times. Each time you do, you will learn something new.

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