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    How do I upgrade my membership?

    Great question! We are glad you asked. Since there is so much to know about mastering presentation skills, we've made it easy for you to upgrade. Simply head to your Dashboard and click the Member Pricing tab in the menu bar at the top of the page. You will not be charged an additional sign-up fee as you are an existing member.

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    Can I pay for a year instead of monthly?

    Yes, Master & Platinum Members have an option for an annual subscription. Just contact our office for details at 888-528-4451.

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    I need to cancel my account. How do I do that?

    Did you know we offer our members the opportunity to suspend their account for 3 months? Contact us at and we can take care of that for you. After 3 months, your account will automatically resume. We will notify you before reinstating your account. If you would still like to cancel, we can take care of that for you as well.


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    Are the videos and the MP3s identical?

    Yes. It is the exact same content in different formats. We love our members and want to offer content in the format that you prefer. We encourage you to watch the video first and then reinforce your learning with the convenience of audio. Some of the process visual graphics and advanced delivery techniques will be much more easily understood if you see them.

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    I’m having trouble playing some of the videos. What can I do?

    We use a Vimeo player for our video content. Vimeo is a universally playable format. If you experience any trouble during playback, please make sure you have a good internet signal and the latest version of your browser. If you continue to experience issues you can: try on a different browser, clear your browser cache and cookies, make sure you have a strong internet connection, or try a different device.

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    The Interactive Guide is not saving my work. What's wrong?

    In order to save your work within the Interactive Guide, it must be opened in the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader rather than in your web browser. Right click the guide, download it to your computer and open from your computer. If you type in the fields in your browser, you'll comments will not save. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at

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    How do I download the MP3's to my computer?

    You can download all MP3 files to your computer. Simply right click on the MP3 icon under each program and click either "save audio as" or "save link as" option to save the MP3 file on your computer. We recommend setting up folders on your computer for each program so you can easily locate the ones you need.

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    Help! I didn't receive my login details.

    First, please check your Spam folder. If you do not see an email from Stage Time University, please contact us at and we will get you set up right away.

Live Events

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    How do I attend a LIVE event?

    Just go to, or navigate to your Dashboard and click on the LIVE Events button on the bottom of the page. Locate the event you want to attend and sign up using the member discount code you received when you signed up for Stage Time University. Platinum members attend live events for free, Master members get 25% off, and Fast Start Members get 10% off.

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    What is my discount code for LIVE Events?

    Your discount code was in the original welcome email that we sent you. We know it is simple to
    overlook so just contact our office and we will give it to you. Email the STU office at, or call us 9-5pm Pacific Time, Monday – Friday, unless we are holding a LIVE event. You can call the office at 888-528-4451.