Secrets of Storytelling

“If You Want to Be a $10,000 Speaker, You Need to Tell $10,000 Stories.” – Craig Valentine

Date:  TBD

You got the call. The call that offers you megabucks to share your story with an audience. Your dreams have been realized! You are a professional speaker. Imagine looking out across your audience and seeing eyes glistening with tears and lips upturned into smiles, and hearing uproarious laughter.  You've moved the audience, shared your message and inspired action.

Michael-Hague-Keynotes-Workshops-Promo“The goal of any story is to elicit emotion.” -  Michael Hauge, Hollywood Screenwriter

However, if you are not prepared, that dream can quickly into a nightmare. Don’t let your name Storytelling_Craig_Darrenand important message fade into obscurity! Join award-winning speakers, Craig Valentine and Darren LaCroix as they arm you with the tools you need to create a spellbinding story that rocks the nation! Space is limited to 25 LIVE Seats and 5 VIP COACHEE seats.

Register now! Learn our invaluable 9-step process in just 2 days at the Secrets of Storytelling LIVE Master Workshop. By participating in the Secrets of Storytelling live event, you will uncover a formula that will turn you into a world-class storyteller. Your story needs to be told... and your audience is waiting.

bill-brown“It was a LIVE Master Workshop that gave me the breakthrough of a lifetime.”  - Bill Brown, Speech Coach

Here’s the Problem

Most people think because they can tell a story it’s good enough. In fact, after speaking professionally for seven years, Darren thought he was good enough because he was getting paid to tell his stories. He just kept searching for that story that would launch his career. He kept thinking, if he could just find it, he’d get booked constantly, get bigger checks, and move audiences easily. Darren’s mentor told him, “Stop trying to find a great story and instead, take the stories you do have and make them so good someone will pay to hear them.” Darren didn't listen. Instead, he struggled for the next two years never knowing that there was a process to follow to create better stories faster.

Wait, it Gets Worse

Many years ago an organization in Michigan hired Craig Valentine to speak to a group of 300 employees. They paid him $3,500, scooped him up in a stretch limo, took him to a 5-star hotel, and wined and dined him. How did Craig repay them? By giving them a $150 speech.

That’s right, he failed miserably. When he finished, the woman who bragged about him and convinced the powers to hire him could not even look him in the eyes. He has never heard from them again.

Come with an Idea, Leave with a Masterpiece

Storytelling_Craig_LaughingToday, Craig’s rehire rate exceeds 90% and that day in Michigan is far behind him. What made the difference? Well, after many years and many dollars spent, he eventually uncovered a FORMULA for creating spellbinding stories from scratch. This formula has changed his speaking destiny and it will do the same for you.

It could take you years and cost you a fortune (like it did Craig) to figure out just the right combination that makes some stories work – while others fall flat on their face.

Instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with a winning story, you can now learn Craig's special 9-STEP FORMULA at the Secrets of Storytelling LIVE Master Workshop.

Think about it. Storytelling is THE most powerful tool you can use in presenting, training and selling. It makes selling your points, marketing your products, and getting rehired for future engagements all part of an average day for you. Simply put, if you master the art of the storytelling, a new world of opportunities awaits you.

Why Do Better Stories Matter?

What does better stories do for your audience?

Do you want to truly impact them and make a lasting impression? Besides the obvious entertainment factor a story well-told will actually sink deeper into the subconscious mind. When your stories go deeper they will create more of a lasting change for your audience. That’s why great stories are sticky.

Think about some stories that impacted you and have stayed with you over the years. A great story enlightens the listener. It leaves them with a new perspective that directly impacts what they do and how they do it. A great story gives your audience an aha.

Dawn Nocera“An aha is the letting go of a previous belief.” – Dawn Nocera

What do better stories do for you?

That’s easy! In two words... confidence and influence. Great stories will get even the toughest audiences to lean in and listen. Would you like to have the stories that allow you to approach any audience with confidence and highly increase your influence?

Like it or not, presenters are labeled by the quality of their stories. It's the difference between getting hired or not. Great stories will help you, like Craig, increase your rehire rate.

The Biggest Mistake

Most stories boring stories go on too long. Presenters typically look at what to add instead of what to cut out.

“The more you tell your stories, the shorter they should get.” - Craig

When you attend the Secrets of Storytelling LIVE Master Workshop, you will learn what should and shouldn't be in your stories.  Bottom line is to become a master storyteller you need to know both. You need to be clear on what to cut that makes your stories drag and what details you need to add to breathe life into your story. That is one of the many specifics you will walk away from the workshop with, we guarantee it!

What Will You Walk Away With?

By the end of the  Secrets of Storytelling  Master Workshop, you will:

  • Make your message stick and make it sell
  • Tug at your audience’s emotions so they not only hear, but FEEL your storiesAudience
  • Use natural organic humor that’s easy to find
  • Keep your audience riveted, and don’t let them go until you are ready
  • Stay permanently connected with your audience even in the midst of your stories
  • Have your audience leave fulfilled, satisfied, and eager to see you again
  • Avoid the mistakes that put your speech on life support with an audience ready to pull the plug
  • Take your current dying stories, and resuscitate them into a new profitable life
  • Give your audience those aha moments instead of those uh-oh moments created by many speakers
  • Make sure you don’t cheat your audience
  • Generate more storytelling ideas than you can possibly work into your speeches.
  • Become so natural that all evidence of techniques and strategies disappear
  • Bring your audience to you with ease
  • Make your audiences TALL (Think, Act, Laugh, and Learn)
  • Put your audience in the middle of your scene, and make them glad they’re there
  • Paint a picture with your words
  • Keep your audience guessing
  • Give a story, not a report
  • Make your stories breathe
  • Make sure your audiences remember you and your message
  • Create walk-away messages that change people’s lives for the long term
  • Use the second-best method for connecting with your audience. Of course, a great story comes in first.

Check Out What Our Raving Fans Have To Say!

What the VIPs had to say about their experience:

Secrets of Storytelling VIPs from Darren LaCroix on Vimeo.

Secrets of Storytelling ERIC LIVE Seat from Darren LaCroix on Vimeo.

“I highly recommend this event. You will learn invaluable material, it’s wonderful.”
- Eric Williamson (LIVE Seat)

Secrets of Storytelling LIVE Seat from Darren LaCroix on Vimeo.

“I have the home study course and it’s awesome. I came to the live event and it take it to a whole other level.”
Gary Bisaga (LIVE Seat)
“People came up afterwards and said I did a great job, and when I finished, about 3/4 of the audience gave me a standing ovation. My message and stories were a good fit for the banquet. I had about 25-30 laughs in 20 minutes, which I am proud of since I tell stories about getting beat up in school and having a brain tumor. Thanks for all of your help!”
Roger Revak
“The Storytelling Compass is the best tool I’ve ever used in speech creation/improvement. I’ve gone through the program twice. The compass helps me tear the speech apart, reconstruct it following your format, and it is a much more powerful and audience-focused speech. The Compass alone is worth at least 50 times what I paid for the program.”
Michael R Davis
“I gave the speech last Monday, and everyone raved about it. I went in very confident, knowing it was a very good speech thanks to your advice and changes. In fact, they hope to get me back again, and several said they want to find out where else I’m speaking so they can come hear me again.”
Christine Duvivier
Managing Director / Impact Partners
“Thank you again for an unforgettable experience at our Washington DC Champ Camp. I have three engagements at the Learning Annex. Thanks to YOU, my Champion mentors, I am on the way to fulfill my dream.”
Isaak Gelbinovich
“I now deliver better presentations in 20 minutes than I did in 60 minutes. Moreover, my closing ratio has increased 350% thanks to the lessons learned in The Edge of Their Seats Storytelling Home-Study Course. Craig’s 9-Step Formula has changed my life, and it will change yours.”
Kevin D. Gross
MBA, President
“The boot camp was a truly catalytic event in my speaking career. My first paid speaking engagement is in two weeks! I cannot thank each of you enough for the encouragement and support you have given me.”
Kevin Spalding
Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, and Consultant
“Of all the books, CDs, and videos I’ve purchased through the years on the subject of public speaking, this course gets down to the how and why better than any of them. I don’t like saying strong words like revolutionary,but I personally haven’t seen anything like this. Very impressive. Thank you.”
Roy Bowen

Why Now? This Live Master Workshop Happens Only Once per Year

You may have heard the old adage, “Those who can’t do, teach.” Our world-class faculty is comprised of working experts. They are out on stages around the world doing what they do best. They take time out of their schedules to give back and teach what they do, how they do it, and show you the most up-to-date insights in the industry.

Due to their in-demand schedules, we hold this workshop only once per year. To assure that you have a transformational experience, we have two leading industry experts running this workshop for you.

But this is not about our faculty; this is about your transformation. So what are you waiting for? Graduates of our live events were just like you.  They were waiting. Waiting for the right time, waiting to see how it goes, waiting for their careers to take off, waiting to invest in themselves, not really sure what they were waiting for - until they attended a LIVE Master Workshop and experienced the breakthrough of a lifetime.

Our graduates overwhelmingly agree that attending a live event was the turning point for their presentation careers. These graduates say that attending a LIVE Master Workshop is the only way to get

  • A major breakthrough of understanding that launches a transformation
  • A change of mindset from a hobby level to world-class professional
  • Motivation from everyone in the room
  • Rapid growth from the ideas shared by masters in professional speaking
  • Personalized insights from the masters

Our LIVE Master Workshops are Among the Best in the Industry Because You Get the Following:

  • To focus for two full days and eliminate distractions from the outside world  Storytelling_Awesome VIP Coaching
  • To ask your specific questions to your situation and audience type
  • To meet other serious professionals and learn from the entire group
  • A live course that adapts discussion to suit you and your experience level
  • A star-studded lineup of industry experts
  • Small audience size so that you get the personal attention you need
  • Personalized coaching to help you fine-tune your skills on the spot
  • Insider tips on how to build your successful speaking business
  • The kick you need to transform your speaking style

No one else offers this level of education from an expert lineup with personalized coaching for such a great price!

So what are YOU waiting for? Don’t lose another day.  We intentionally limit our event size to guarantee the best learning experience for you.  Sign up today to reserve your seat.

OK, What is it Going to Cost?

Great question. First, let’s take a quick look at exactly what you get. The bonus could be worth more to you than the workshop itself.

Become a Master Faster with This Bonus

If your goal is to be the best, you need the best training on the planet. You probably know that Storytelling Imagemastery requires repetition. Have you ever listened to a learning program and gotten more out of the program the second time? If you are like most people, each listening brings you more clarity and new insights. You can’t listen to something once and absorb it all.

When you save your seat, you will get our Secrets of Storytelling home study program. This is a $497 bonus! Yup. Free. No charge. Zip. Nada.

Stage Time University members - congratulations, you already have access to this program! Be sure to review the program to help you get the most out of this event. If you have been through it before, be a sponge again. You will get more out of it each time you review it. Want a gold medal? Train like an Olympian!

What do people say about the home study course:

Pele-Raymond-Ugboajah"I learned more from you in one hour than I have in years of giving speeches. You are a master of your game. Thank you for inspiring me to find my own voice and greatness as a speaker!! Thank you!" - Pele Raymond Ugboajah, Author, Speaker, Business Coach, DreamBanc, L.L.C.

Tim Zager"To be frank, it is not what I expected. It far surpasses the expectations I had! I’m completely blown away by the info… The Storytelling Compass guides you through the process of crafting your stories. It ensures nothing is left’ll learn how to engage your audience, establish a connection, and send them away with a message they will not only remember, but will actually use." - Tim Zager, Corporate Entertainer,

What this does for you is prepare you for mastery. We can’t tell you how many of our attendees were so glad they went though the course before coming to the LIVE Master Workshop. They simply were able to understand and absorb so much more. After all, isn’t that what mastery is about. Wax on, wax off. One listening is not enough. We are serious about helping you get the most out of this experience.

The Early Bird Advantage is Huge!

If you register 30 days prior to the workshop, you can bring a friend for free. Yup. That’s right, but only if you register 30 days prior to the event. This applies to either LIVE Seats or Virtual Seats. Plan ahead and you win, and so does your friend! The cool bonus part is that you and your friend will receive world-class training together. You will be able to help each other apply your newfound skills after the event. Sweet.

You can also share your bonus with your friend. That would help you both get more out of the LIVE Master Workshop.

Which Seat Would Be Best for You?

Dana Morgan Barnes“I got my money’s worth before the first break on the first day! Being a VIP made this training explosive. I will be a VIP every time at any training in the future.”  – Dana Morgan-Barnes, Cheyenne, WY

Why be a VIP COACHEE at the Secrets of Storytelling Master Workshop?

Simple. Grow faster. Get personal coaching on your story, persona, and delivery. Our two world-class faculty members are going to be your personal consultants. You will be at the front of the room, and they will be helping you improve your material on the spot. You will also get a recording of your story and feedback from the 2 coaches.

You will also get a video recording of your COACHING feedback from every step of the way. This way you can go back and capture every detail and insight your Storytelling coaches had for you.

In addition to everything else, VIP Coachees will get the following:

  • VIP COACHING: You will be in the front of the room getting personal coaching from both Craig and Darren.
  • VIP COACHING: The entire class will be masterminding for you to make your stories resonate with your audience.
  • VIP COACHING: You will get coached on each of Craig’s 9C’s or Storytelling
  • FREE! Bring a member of your staff or a friend for free (so they can be trained on the same content you’re learning!)

There is a reason we say, come with an idea and leave with a masterpiece. It's true. And as a VIP you and your story will transform over the course of the two days. Yup, it will happen faster when you are a VIP.

Here is what past Workshop VIPs have said about being coached at a Master Workshop:

Terry Begue“I now have so much more confidence.” – Terry Begue

Gary McKinsey“When I’m coached, I internalize new techniques. The benefits are quick and lasting.” –Gary McKinsey

“Getting coached forces you to risk, which ultimately pays off.” – Dave Chase

The other cool part of being a VIP COACHEE is that everyone in the room will become like a mastermind for you and your material. It’s like having a room full of presentation coaches helping you with your story.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your success in attending the “Secrets of Storytelling” Master Workshop is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s our Stage Time University 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee:

We personally guarantee that you will be thrilled with the results this program will bring you as long as you use the tools. The tools have been proven to work over and over again.

If, after the first day, you honestly believe you have not received the tools that empower you to create and tell better stories, faster, let us know, and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Plus, you can still keep the bonus you receive right away upon investing. Fair enough? So there’s no risk -  just reward.

Are you ready to start making money with your back-of-the-room-sales and by spreading your message and brand around the globe?

I look forward to being in your audience one day, and I’m hoping you will use these formulas to sell me on investing in you!

Your Platform Partners, Darrentee

Craig Valentine  & Darren LaCroix, CSP

1995 and 2001 World Champions of Public Speaking

So, What’s the Investment?

Great question. What is your time worth? What if you could create better content faster? What if you knew how to handle tough audiences and keep them engaged for the entire training? If you do a quick search, you’ll see typical intense storytelling programs range from $3,500 - $10,050.

We have made first-class transformational training fun and affordable. We can do this because we don’t work for some big company, it’s just us, with you in a room doing what we love so you can help the people you get the privilege to train. We are not sending some average trainer for you. You will be with 2 Industry Experts who have been training trainers for over a decade. You won’t look at training the same way again, Darrenteed.

Have you attended this event before? Click here to contact us to see if you qualify for a special rate.

Date:  TBD

Time: Day 1 - 9:00am to 5:00pm (doors open at 8:30am)

Day 2 - 9:00am to 5:00pm (doors open at 8:30am)

Where: TBD

Can’t make it? Home Study Program: Secrets of Storytelling go to:

Our place or yours? Have the Secrets of Storytelling Master Workshop at your organization. Contact our office: 888-528-4451

Meet the Faculty…

About Darren LaCroix


In 2001, Darren LaCroix, the World Champion of Public Speaking, outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to win that title. That was just a benchmark. Since that victory Darren has traveled the world demystifying the process of creating a powerful speech. He has roused audiences in faraway places like Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan with his inspirational journey from first-rate chump to first-class champ, proving anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

About Craig Valentine

Craig Valentine

Craig Valentine, MBA, award-winning speaker and trainer, has traveled the world helping speakers, executives, and salespeople turn their presentations into profits. Craig is also the former Mid-Atlantic 3-time Salesperson of The Year for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. He has received the Congressional Award from the United States Congress for “Excellence in Communications.”

Event Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds for cancellation will be made on the following basis:

A full refund, less a $50 processing fee, will be granted if requested 31 days prior to live event. If cancelling within 30 days of live event, registration credit will be given towards any future Stage Time University Live Event. Cancellations must be made via email to No refunds or credits will be granted for no-shows.

Because of travel and other expenses, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any live event that does not have a minimum of 10 participants. This SELDOM happens, but if it does, registrants will be notified immediately, and rescheduled, refunded, or given credit for a future event for the amount originally paid for this event.

Registration for any event sponsored by Stage Time University constitutes your acceptance of this Event Refund & Cancellation Policy.