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Mastering Back-of-the-Room Sales:

How to Make an EXTRA $3,000 - $5,000 per Speech

September 20 - 21, 2017

Would you like to build a lucrative speaking business with multiple income streams and do it with integrity and ease?

Then make one commitment to yourself right now. Read the 10 questions and answers below. That’s it! If you commit to doing that, you will see exactly how to avoid the pain and frustration that knocks most would-be-successful speakers to their knees. Make sure you read all 10.

QUESTION 1: Why is mastering back-of-the-room selling so important?

Sales TableBecause earning just an extra $3-5 K per speech means that even if you just give 20-30 speeches per year (and even if they are free!), you can easily turn those into an extra six-figure annual income. Take it from someone who does this year after year, it’s not difficult at all as long as you have the right tools. Before I put these tools to use, I regularly left hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential income on the table each year. You won’t have to do that. Can you name a highly successful speaker who does not sell products? Heck, I can’t even name a highly successful minister who doesn’t have products. Guess what? It’s often the product sales that create their massive success and extend their reach.

speakers-cycle-of-wealthQUESTION 2: What if I can't get 20-30 free speeches?

This is the real secret that most speakers won't tell you. It's what I like to call the “Speaker's Cycle of Wealth.” Look at the graphic below, and you’ll see the real key to getting booked to speak more.

Your product sales feed your speaking engagements, and your speaking engagements feed your product sales which again feed your speaking engagements. It goes on and on and on. The more your products get out there, the more you’ll get in there with opportunities to speak. Want to get booked more? Sell more!

QUESTION 3: What if I don't have any products yet?

Perfect. What good are products if they just sit in your garage? If you don’t have products yet, this is the perfect time to get the lessons in this course. Before you create products, you should know exactly how you’re going to sell them.

You'll also learn how to create slices of a subject so that people end up buying the whole pie from you. Plus, who says you have to start by selling your own products? I didn't. As a top management trainer for one of the top training firms in the United States, I sold many other products before ever creating my own. You can too. This course will show you how.

QUESTION 4: What if I don’t feel comfortable hawking products from the front of the room? 

Good. Me neither. After all, what good is selling from the front of the room if you tick off the rest of the room? I never wanted to come across as hawking products, so I developed a very important system that I refer to as SWAP, Selling Without Annoying People.

"Craig, I can’t believe that 5 short months ago I didn’t want anything to do with selling, and frankly, I didn’t want to learn. I had such a negative view on selling that I thought I could avoid it altogether. Now all I do is follow your process, step by step, and I find myself selling very naturally. My story is truly, 'If I can do it, anyone can!' Thank you for sharing your story and being an incredible role model for people to sell with integrity."

- Trisha Sveistrup, Certified World-Class Speaking Coach

Craig SpeakingNot only will you gain sales, but you'll also gain friends. I've always said it's important to  speak not for standing ovations but for standing invitations. You want to get invited back time and time again, but you can’t do that when you alienate the room with an obvious, inorganic, and embarrassing sales approach.

You'll also learn how to sell from the very first word of your speech and not be stuck making that awkward sales pitch toward the end that makes everyone uncomfortable. Audience members regularly say to me, “I couldn’t even tell you were selling anything until I bought it.” 

QUESTION 5: But what if I'm not a salesperson?

That’s good, because people don't like to be sold; they do, however, like to buy. And they buy from people they trust. The more sales-like you seem, the less you will sell. You don't need any sales experience to master these tools. And you won't even feel like you're selling. Instead, you’ll deepen the connection with your audience. In fact, when it comes to making sales . . .

"The more you connect, the more you collect."

You know this is a win/win system when it deepens your connection and your pockets!

QUESTION 6: I'm not a World Champ or famous, so why would people buy from me?

Darren Sales TableNeither was Tony Robbins or Les Brown or thousands of other successful speakers. They aren’t World Champions or PhDs or the like. In fact, many of them don’t even have college degrees. And that's exactly why they resonate.

One of the biggest obstacles to selling is coming across as if you are special. One of the biggest assets to selling is coming across as if you are similar . . . similar to your audience. Unless your audience is made up of World Champions, you don’t need to be one. People want to buy from a similar person who has uncovered a special process.

QUESTION 7: Why are you sharing this information? Won’t it reduce your own sales if people know how you sell?

No, it won’t. Do you know how I know? Because I know exactly what people are doing to me sales-wise, and it never stops me from buying from them. Plus, I believe in the abundance mentality, which means I’ll always share what I know works.

I’m sharing this top-secret information because this was the one area of speaking advice I couldn’t get my hands on when I started out. It drove me crazy, because it was as if speakers who were successful with their back-of-the-room sales didn’t want to share how they did it!

So for years I had to scratch, claw, fall, and fail my way into a formula that works. I wouldn’t wish that frustrating journey on any speaker, so I’m finally bringing these formulas (at least the ones that consistently work for me and my students) to light.

QUESTION 8: What are some of the results I can expect after I do this course?

  • You will see how to make at least $3,000 to $5,000 extra per speech.
  • You will get many more speaking engagements because of the “Speaker’s Cycle of Wealth.”
  • You will gain the credibility you need to be successful as a speaker. “When you get the buzz, you get the biz.”
  • You will see exactly how to make money while you sleep so that you don’t feel unemployed between each speaking engagement.
  • You will find doors opening to bigger and better speaking opportunities, including global travel, because your products will already be there.
  • You will feel wonderful when people begin thanking you for what your products have done for their lives.
  • You will have a much longer reach into the world, and people will know who you are which puts you and your future products in high demand.

Take a look at how this system has helped others

Here are just a few people who have benefited from the formulas in this LIVE Master Workshop. And just think, they only had access to small pieces of the puzzle. Imagine what will happen when you can see the entire picture.

Kathryn MacKenzie.jpg“As a result of your information, my ability to sell product has increased tenfold. I can attest to this statement: The greater the connection, the greater the conversion. The proof was in the pudding when I was the opening keynote speaker at my district conference. The power of trust resulted in back-of-the-room sales that were astronomical! Wow! After one speaks, people rush to buy!! Love it. Thanks, Craig!” 

Kathryn MacKenzie, M.Ed., Presentation Skills Instructor, Speaking Coach, Keynote Speaker

“Today we garnered appointments with 95% of all the folks in the room, our best ever - 
so, 10,000 thank-yous!"

- Sue and Pat Peason, Investment Advisor Representative and Office Administrator, Valley Safe Money Advisors, LLC

- Laura Porecca,

Mary Cheyne“Craig, I integrated your formulas, and in my very next speech, I tripled my sales!” 

- Mary Cheyne, Runner Up, 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking

Susan Weagant“I am a Christian women's speaker and started about 2 years ago. I always got great feedback for my speaking. I just had two books published and released this year. When I would go and speak, I’d sell less than 10% of my audience. That means that I would not stay in business long. Before my next speaking engagement, I fixed the things that I needed to change according to you. I sold 65% of my audience. I was so excited! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me! “ 

- Susan Reagent, Marble Falls, Texas

- Sheryl Green,

Here’s one from my “Storytelling Home-Study Course.” I’m sharing this because using stories is a part of this Back-of-the-Room Sales process. See what Kevin had to say about using stories to raise his revenues.

Kevin Gross"I now deliver better presentations in 20 minutes than I did in 60 minutes; moreover, my closing ratio has increased 350% thanks to the lessons learned in “The Edge of Their Seats Storytelling Home-Study Course.” Craig's 9-Step Formula has changed my life, and it will change yours."

  • Kevin D. Gross, MBA

Take a look at the 8-part layout of the LIVE Master Workshop:

  • Part One: Best practices for using this course to make an extra $3,000 to $5,000 per speech
  • Part Two: How to use the most profitable formula in speaking to sell over and over again like clockwork
  • Part Three: The 10 SWAP (Selling Without Annoying People) ingredients that will bring you sales without jeopardizing your reputation
  • Part Four: The 8 foundational formulas of selling. It’s easy to sell once you realize what prospects really buy.
  • Part Five: The 7 logistical tools that make it as easy as possible for audience members to buy from you
  • Part Six: How to avoid the 7 roadblocks that keep most speakers from making more sales and growing their businesses
  • Part Seven: How to strengthen or develop the mindset you need to generate a very healthy, unlimited income through back-of-the-room sales.
  • Part Eight: Your next steps for building a significant income stream within the next 21 days!

CLICK HERE to listen to the voicemail message that the great Willie Jolley left me after using my Back-of-Room Sales system overseas

Willie Jolley

With this LIVE Master Workshop you will receive the following:

  • 2 Days of step-by-step instruction and interaction with by two of the leading experts in this field that you can use immediately to sell loads of products in the back of the room and do it without annoying people.
  • Several templates and charts you can use as guides to create the messages that will sell your products time and time again.
  • A sample timeline to see exactly where to use various formulas and processes within your speech.
  • A FREE BONUS mp3 of a live 60-minute audio program of Craig Valentine speaking to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on “How to Master Storytelling for Better Selling.” You will receive this bonus download immediately via e-mail upon making your investment.
  • Another FREE BONUS Create Product Now! DVD. ($197) If you are going to get the secret of selling from the stage, why not get secret of what to create and how to create it. We will ship this to you as soon as you register. The sooner the better and the more you will get out of this LIVE Master Workshop.

QUESTION 9: What if I’m not far enough along as a speaker to study this information?

If you’ve ever wondered what the major difference is between those who have made it as speakers and those who were forced to hang up their microphones and be forever stuck in their day jobs, this decision is it.

The proactive speakers who learned to sell products made it. The reactive speakers who waited until they became better speakers before they sold products missed out on vast profits. But worse, they most likely missed out on their dream of touching lives through speaking. Make no mistake about it, right now is the right time.

Each day you speak without putting these formulas to use is a day you will leave thousands of dollars on the table. Ask me how I know this!

QUESTION 10: What is the fee for this program?

BOR VIP?In the words of my friend and colleague Ed Tate, “There is a difference between an investment and an expense.” Think about it: if you made a one-time investment of $3,000 that resulted in your generating an extra $3,000-$5000 for each of your future speeches, wouldn’t it be worth it? Keep in mind you would only make this $3,000 investment once, but you would generate the $3,000 to $5,000 dollars in sales over and over and over again. That’s a great investment.

Well, relax. Even though uncovering these processes has cost me time, money, energy, frustration, and even my hair (Can you believe it?), there’s really no need for me to take that out on you by charging you an arm and a leg. And even though it’s very possible that you can use these formulas to create a steady six-figure product income each year (and even more through the countless new speaking engagements you’d get), that’s still no reason for you to pay through the nose for them.

The investment for this program is not $3,000. It’s $797. That’s about 33% of what you should soon start making in terms of extra dollars per speech.

CLICK HERE to listen to what happened to when Deidre helped her clients use the system.

Deirdre Van Nest

Get Your Two Free Bonuses Now

(Combined total of $246) for FREE! You’ll get the instant download and we’ll send your login credentials to access the online course.

A FREE BONUS mp3 ($49) of a live 60-minute audio program “How to Master Storytelling for Better Selling.” You will receive this bonus download immediately via e-mail upon making your investment.

Another FREE BONUS Create Product Now! online course. ($197) Step-by-step of how to create your own profitable product! We will send you your login credentials so you can instantly access this content. The sooner the better and the more you will get out of this LIVE Master Workshop. You’ll be ahead of other people when you walk in the room.

Are you ready to start making money with your back-of-the-room-sales and by spreading your message and brand around the globe?

I look forward to being in your audience one day, and I’m hoping you will use these formulas to sell me on investing in you!

Your Platform Partners,
Craig Valentine & Darren LaCroix

1999 and 2001 World Champions of Public Speaking

It’s easy to get started. Simply choose your seat and prosper.

Be a VIP and get personal Coaching from Craig & Darren at the event. They will work directly with you!

Why Now? This Live Master Workshop Happens Only Once Per Year.

You may have heard the old adage, “Those who can’t do, teach.” Our world-class faculty is comprised of working experts. They are out on stages around the world doing what they do best. They take time out of their schedules to give back and teach what they do, how they do it, and show you the most up-to-date insights in the industry.

Due to thier in-demand schedules, we hold this workshop only once per year. To assure that you have a transformational experience, we have two leading industry experts running this workshop for you.

But this is not about our faculty; this is about your transformation. So what are you waiting for? Graduates of our live events were just like you.  They were waiting. Waiting for the right time, waiting to see how it goes, waiting for their careers to take off, waiting to invest in themselves, not really sure what they were waiting for - until they attended a LIVE Master Workshop and experienced the breakthrough of a lifetime.

Our graduates overwhelmingly agree that attending a live event was the turning point for their presentation careers. These graduates say that attending a LIVE Master Workshop is the only way to get

  • A major breakthrough of understanding that launches a transformation
  • A change of mindset from a hobby level to world-class professional
  • Motivation from everyone in the room
  • Rapid growth from the ideas shared by masters in professional speaking
  • Personalized insights from the masters

Save your seat now, because if you miss out, you may have to wait another year before this Master Workshop will be offered again. Get the income you want this year. Don’t miss another year of potential income from even your free presentations.

bill-brown“It was a LIVE Master Workshop that gave me the breakthrough of a lifetime.”  - Bill Brown, Speech Coach

The Early Bird Advantage is Huge!

If you register 30 days prior to the workshop, you can bring a friend for free. Yup. That’s right, but only if you register 30 days prior to the event. This applies to either LIVE Seats or Virtual Seats. Plan ahead and you win, and so does your friend! The cool bonus part is that you and your friend will receive world-class training together. You will be able to help each other apply your newfound skills after the event. Sweet.

You can also share this experience with your friend. That would help you both get more out of the LIVE Master Workshop.

Which Seat Would Be Best for You?

Which seat is best for you? from Darren LaCroix on Vimeo.

Dana Morgan Barnes“I got my money’s worth before the first break on the first day! Being a VIP made this training explosive. I will be a VIP every time at any training in the future.”  – Dana Morgan-Barnes, Cheyenne, WY

Why Be a VIP Coachee at the Mastering Back-of-the-Room Sales Live Master Workshop?

Simple. Grow faster. Get personal coaching on your story, persona, and delivery. Our two world-class faculty members are going to be your personal consultants. You will be at the front of the room, and they will be helping you improve your material on the spot. You will also get a recording of your story and feedback from the 2 coaches.

In addition to everything else, VIP COACHEEs will get the following:

  • Brainstorming with Darren & Craig for new product ideas. (This could be worth the whole investment alone!)
  • Personal coaching on the creation of your new pitch
  • The opportunity to try out your new pitch and get more coaching so that you leave with confidence in it.
  • You will walk away with a recording of your brainstorming and the feedback you get directly from Darren and Craig so you can watch again and take notes
  • FREE! Bring a member of your staff for free (so they can be trained on the same content you’re learning!)

The other cool part of being a VIP COACHEE is that everyone in the room will become like a mastermind for you and your material. It’s like having a room full of business professionals helping you with your story.

Oh Yeah, One More Important Thing

How like to sit in a boring training even if you need the information the trainers provide? Your BORfaculty not only loves what they do and enjoys teaching other serious people eager to learn, they have fun doing it.

Not only will you love our world-call faculty’s transparency and openness. You will laugh as you learn. You will get to know them inside and out as you realize, they know what they are talk about and their committed intention is to help everyone in the room. That is crucial!

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September 20 - 21, 2017

Wednesday & Thursday

Time: Day 1 & 2: 9:00am - 5:00 pm (Doors open @ 8:30am)

Where: Hampton Inn & Suites Las Vegas

6575 South Eastern Avenue

Las Vegas, NV  89119

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About Darren LaCroix


In 2001, Darren LaCroix, the World Champion of Public Speaking, outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to win that title. That was just a benchmark. Since that victory Darren has traveled the world demystifying the process of creating a powerful speech. He has roused audiences in faraway places like Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan with his inspirational journey from first-rate chump to first-class champ, proving anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

About Craig Valentine

Craig Valentine

Craig Valentine, MBA, award-winning speaker and trainer, has traveled the world helping speakers, executives, and salespeople turn their presentations into profits. Craig is also the former Mid-Atlantic 3-time Salesperson of The Year for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill. He has received the Congressional Award from the United States Congress for “Excellence in Communications.”

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