Become a Presentation Master Faster?

Do you want to speak? Or be heard?

There is an enormous difference. Do you understand what that is?

Almost anyone can stand in front of a group of people and give a presentation.

Being heard, leaving a memorable impact, and influencing the audience are different. Very few can do that well. There is a difference between one who takes the stage and a presenter who owns it.

Inspiring, educating, or selling your product or idea are vastly different.

Listening is done with the conscious mind. No real change occurs.

Speak and Be HeardHearing occurs when your message reaches the subconscious mind. Perspective is changed. Lasting impact happens.

Presenters who own the stage and leave a lasting impact are either the 2% who are born naturals or someone who at some point committed to mastering presentations. What do they do differently? How do they approach creating powerful presentations? Where do they find their stories?

After seven years as a presenter and speaker, Darren LaCroix thought he was pretty good. The average presenter could not give him much feedback on how to improve. He was in a speaking rut. The worst part was that he didn’t even know it. His ego would not let him see the truth. He thought he was good enough. He was speaking, but he was not being heard.

MasteryThen in 2001, Darren met the 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking, Mark Brown. Darren asked Mark for some coaching tips, and Mark held up a mirror and showed Darren many mistakes that he did not know he was making.

Some people are willing to work hard but are unaware of where to focus and in which direction to go. There is a clear path from where you are now to presentation mastery, but what if you focus in the wrong area? Working in the wrong direction wastes your time and will leave you feeling frustrated and still no closer to mastery.

 “A little effort in the right direction will outperform massive effort in the wrong direction.” - Darren LaCroix

If you are serious about owning the stage, you must master The Core Four.

These Core Four competencies are the foundation of presentation mastery.

Core 1 – Creating Content & Structure = Confidence

Most presenters can hold an audience’s attention for five minutes, but to keep an audience in rapt attention as you deliver a one-hour presentation is extremely challenging. It is almost impossible to figure out how to do that on your own or by trial and error. Those methods will lead you to frustration while your audiences are left wondering when the suffering will end.

You have powerful stories inside you waiting to be discovered. You just need to know where to look so that you can find your own unique stories. Once you understand the process of where to look and what to look for, you will find never-ending veins of gold around you every day.

Next, you need the backbone of confident, solid speech structure; structure in the order and framework of your presentation. Powerful speech structure gives you confidence while also bringing your audience clarity. If your audience cannot clearly absorb your message, your efforts will be in vain.  Find your unique stories, master structure, and you will have a solid foundation to move to Core 2.

Core 2 – Stories That Stick

Want to be a $5000 speaker? You have to tell $5000 stories. Whether we like it or not, the value of our presentations is judged on the value of our stories. Stories are the heartbeat of your presentation. Most presenters think that telling a story will be good enough. Not so. Even if you are entertaining, has any real change taken place? Have you really served your audience? Will they remember you three days after you speak?

The reason Darren LaCroix entered the speech contest in 2001 was because of powerful advice from his mentor. His mentor told him, “Stop trying to find that story to launch your career. Instead take the stories you already have and make them so good that someone will pay to hear them.” Do you know what to cut out of your stories to make them more compelling? Do you know what to add to enhance your stories and make them memorable? Master your stories and then move to Core 3.

Core 3 – Make ‘Em Laugh

“At the end of laughter is the height of listening.” Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Guru

Wish you were funnier? Audiences wish most presenters were funnier. If they are laughing, they are listening. Why does humor matter? Though it is not required, it is much more fun for both the presenter and the audience. When choosing experts for their events, meeting planners would much rather book the expert who makes the audience laugh in addition to delivering great content.

Most people think you are either born funny or you are not funny. That’s not the truth, and Darren LaCroix is living proof. In 1992 he bombed miserably at a Boston comedy club. Without a funny bone in his body, but with a willingness to fail, nine years later he outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. His speech was not only compelling, but some say it was also one of the funniest speeches in contest history.

Would you agree that funny people think differently? They do, and to master humor you must understand the way they think. There is a definite creation process that funny people go through that most people are not even aware of.  Funny presenters know where to find potential humor nuggets and how to polish those nuggets into humor gems. When you master humor, you’ll love the stage even more! Master humor; then move to Core 4.

Core 4 – Delivery and Strategies to Own the Stage

Have you ever noticed that most presenters take the stage, but only a rare few own the stage? What is the difference? It is rarely one key ingredient that makes the difference. They are usually presenters who mastered Cores 1-3 and then looked for those tiny little tweaks that take a presentation from good to great.

This is where we focus more on delivery. Core 1 is what you say; here we focus on how you say it. It was not until World Champion Speakers Craig Valentine and Darren LaCroix were coached themselves that they truly got the world-class insights they needed. Subtle, small, seemingly insignificant challenges can quickly disconnect you from your audience, and you might not even know it! It is incredibly challenging to get and keep the attention of today’s skeptical audiences. As a presentation professional, it is even more challenging to move an audience to action.

When you master the coach’s eye, you’ll see things from a higher perspective. That’s Core 4.

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